Siv Natanael Hjortland

Unity Developer | Game Designer | Pixel Artist

Independently Developed Game


Churchgoers is a stylized turn-based RPG where it's never your turn. Interact with characters, gain powers in the form of prayers, resist the overwhelming power of the spiritual and avenge your sister who was murdered by the Priest of Ash.


My role

I had several roles on the production of Churchgoers such as:

Various Training Simulations


Attensi is a Norwegian company specialized in gamified simulation training. I've developed several of Attensi's BEHAVIOUR products in Unity 3D for a variety of customers such as Equinor, Spar International, and Boehringer Ingelheim.

I have experience interacting with APIs, handling data, and gameplay programming from working at Attensi.

My role

Game Jam Project

Hormonposten: Veien til Kirkenes

"Hormonposten: Veien til Kirkenes" is a slow idle game about delivering hormones that takes 20 days in real time to complete.

The game was made for Yeet Riksen Jam, organized by Skeive Spillutviklere. It is played in the browser.

My role

Game Jam Project

Eg e fra Bergen

"Eg e fra Bergen" ("I am from Bergen" in English) is a game about a man from the rainy city of Bergen. Move from left to right to catch raindrops to gain points!

Eg e fra Bergen was a Global Game Jam game with the theme of "What home means to you".

My role

Marketing Campaign


Jukaya is an on-rails arcade shooter with a vaporwave aesthetic.

The goal was to create a marketing campaign to promote the game and reach the core audience; the niche group of vaporwave enthusiasts.

My role

I had a few roles on the Jukaya project such as:

Independently Developed Game


CHiLD is a cancelled project about a teenager called Nicole.

A psychological 2D pixel RPG game that makes the player experience the alienation, despair and anxiety of being a mentally ill teenager in contemporary society.

Features included

My role

I was the project leader for several years including roles such as:

VoIP Chat-Bot: RePeter


RePeter is a Bot for the VoIP application Discord.

He's made to entertain users by generating random sentences from user input. Users can easily add phrases or words to his array, and he will randomly generate sentences from that array.

He also has a bunch of other fun commands, such as posting memes, generating random results to two items and being able to download images sent from users.

RePeter is programmed with C# using Discord.NET in Visual Studio.

Walking Simulator

Bouvet 1979

Bouvet 1979 is a walking simulator that tells the story of what really happened at Bouvet Island during the Vela Incident.

Bouvet 1979 was a student project in level design

My role

2D Game Project

Neon Geo

Neon Geo is a 2D runner with calming music and exciting platforming gameplay. The goal is to collect shards found throughout levels to advance. Neon Geo was a student project.

My role

I had several roles on NeonGeo. They include:


Google Play


Various Minecraft Projects

Minecraft as a game engine

Minecraft offers various powerful game creation tools, acting as a makeshift game engine.

Using Minecraft's tools and simple programming language, I have created several escape rooms and other minigames for friends to enjoy. Focusing on improving my design and prototyping skills, and testing of concepts that may be of use in future game projects.

My role

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