About Me

Subject: Siv

Age: 24

Born: Bergen, Norway

Residence: Oslo, Norway

Pronouns: They/Them

Academia: Westerdals Oslo ACT / Høyskolen Kristiania

Likes: Pizza, holographic material, vodka+soda, men


My name is Siv, and I'm a game developer.

I specialize in 2D pixel art and game design.

I love to program systems and discrete mechanics.


  • Pixel art

    • 6 years experience

  • C# with Unity

    • 3 years professional experience

Something more personal

During childhood I would make games for my classmates to play on the bus, and I would make them ROM-hacks of Super Mario 64 and Earthbound where I replaced textures, redrew sprites and changed in-game dialogue.

Games that stole my heart:

    • Earthbound & Mother 3

    • NiER: Automata

    • Kingdom Hearts II

    • Factorio

    • Mirror's Edge

    • Inside